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New Road Signs

Aug 01 2007
07:46:03 PM


Chisholm Trail Centennial Corridor

US Highway 81, also know as the Chisholm Trail Highway has new road sign to celebrate Oklahoma's Centennial.

I notice several weeks ago these new signs between Marlow and Duncan, OK, and finally got to take a picture of them. At first I thought they all were the same but then I got to noticing them and they had different wording.

Some read Chisholm Trail Crossing, Historical Site, Historical Sign ahead with arrows, so I started to investigate the signs. One historical marker was for the Marlow Brothers Historical Marker, and then I found a second one north of Marlow, to my surprise there was a new historical marker. It seem that it spring up nearly overnight. The new marker was place by the Oklahoma Centennial. The marker was for a Cowboy Shootout.

Now I will have to be more observant of these sign when I travel Highway 81. I may find more historical sites .

Chisholm Trail Road Sign New sign Chisholm Trail Road Sign Old sign




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