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OK did ya know? Oklahoma Dinosaurs

Sep 19 2007
05:08:33 PM


McCurtain County's Dinosaur

Footprints near Kenton, OK
There are dinosaurs in Oklahoma! Well maybe not right at this moment, but they did once roam these lands. Oklahoma has a rich fossil record which can be found from Cimarron to McCurtain counties.

Oklahoma's official state fossil, the Saurophaganax, along with other dinosaurs have been found in Cimarron county near Black Mesa. Dinosaur footprints can even be seen today preserved in sandstone just north of Kenton. Oklahoma's official dinosaur, the Acrocanthosaurus-Atokensis has been found in McCurtain and Atoka counties.

Listed under the Oklahoma Statutes, Title 25, Chapter 3
State Emblems and Honorary Positions:

Section 98.6 - State Fossil - April 14, 2000.
Because of the extraordinarily rich paleontological heritage of the State of Oklahoma, the Legislature hereby declares Saurophaganax Maximus to be the State Fossil of Oklahoma. This spectacular dinosaur, the "greatest king of reptile eaters", once roamed this great land. It is only known from Oklahoma and has surpassed the Tyrannosaurus rex, the "king of the dinosaurs", as the greatest predator of earth’s history.
Section 98.14 - State Dinosaur - June 6, 2006.
The dinosaur Acrocanthosaurus atokensis is hereby designated and adopted as the state dinosaur of Oklahoma.
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