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CCC Company 210
Civilian Conservation Corps and Quartz Mountain State Park Altus, Blair, Granite, Mangum and Lone Wolf, Oklahoma. This park was created between 1937 and 1939 by members of the Civilian Conservation Corps Company 210 the park surrounded by lake Lugert serves as an outdoor recreational facility and source of agricultural water. About 150 young men lived in tents and worked on the park under the management of the U.S. Departments of the Army and Agriculture. They were paid $30 per month, of which $25 was sent home. They also received housing, food, medical, and dental care as well as educational benefits. The CCC members built roads, trails, covered shelters, picnic tables, cabins, and landscaped the park. All facilities are still in use. Quartz State Lodge is located in the center of the park. Company 2810 left a memorial to the service of its members in the form of this beautiful park which serves countless thousands of visitors each year. Dedicated to the members of CCC Company 2810 and the three million members who served our nation March 26, 1988 Oklahoma Civilian Conservation Corps Alumni Association and Oklahoma Historical Society
Located in Kiowa County, Oklahoma


Friday, May 27, 2016
Oklahoma Historical Society Organized
The Oklahoma Historical Society was organized at the annual meeting of the Oklahoma Press Association, held at Kingfisher, on May 27, 1893. more...
Saturday, May 27, 1893


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