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Fort Sill

Old Post
Site first occupied by Wichita Indian Village.
Post Established Jan 8, 1864
By Geo P.M. Sheridan
To Control Tribes.

National Register of Historic Places

Fort Sill *** (added 1966 - District - #66000629)

US 62, Fort Sill
Historic Significance: Event
Area of Significance: Military
Period of Significance: 1850-1874, 1875-1899
Owner: Federal
Historic Function: Defense, Domestic, Industry/Processing/Extraction
Historic Sub-function: Institutional Housing, Military Facility, Water Works
Current Function: Defense, Domestic, Industry/Processing/Extraction
Current Sub-function: Institutional Housing, Military Facility, Water Works
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Sign to Museum is located on I-44 on the north edge of Lawton
OK 62
Entrance is located on Sheridan Road
Fort Sill, OK, (Lawton, OK)

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34.661597, -98.382595
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